Cryo-Walking: A Breakthrough in Cryogenic Nanopositioning

The Importance of Cryogenic Nanopositioning in Scientific Research

Precise positioning of objects in nanometer increments is a critical requirement in the development of quantum systems for scientific research, particularly in fields such as materials science and biotechnology. Nanopositioners play a vital role in achieving this level of precision by enabling accurate movement and positioning (link).

However, working with nanopositioners in cryogenic environments presents unique challenges. The extreme cold temperatures, often below 4 Kelvin (-269°C), pose difficulties for conventional nanopositioners due to issues like excessive heat dissipation, high vibration levels, and drift. To overcome these challenges, significant advancements have been made in cryogenic nanopositioning technology, leading to the emergence of a new generation of nanopositioners capable of operating reliably at these extremely low temperatures.

In this article, we will explore the revolutionary technology called “Cryo-Walking” and its significant impact on the development of arQtika, a cutting-edge class of nanopositioners specifically designed for low-temperature applications, by Onnes Technologies.

The Advantages of Cryo-Walking

Conventional nanopositioning systems typically employ stick-slip motion, which heavily relies on the difference between static and dynamic friction. Unfortunately, this mechanism generates substantial amounts of heat and vibration. The dissipated heat can lead to temperature instability around the nanopositioner, posing challenges for consistent and reliable experimental conditions. Additionally, the vibrations caused by traditional nanopositioners can induce drift, making object positioning with high precision impossible.

However, Cryo-Walking, a groundbreaking technology, has revolutionized the field. Unlike its conventional counterparts, Cryo-Walking operates on a different actuation mechanism that produces ultra low heat and virtually no vibration, even in cryogenic environments. At the core of Cryo-Walking is a unique mechanical design in combination of piezoelectric elements operating in static regime.

By utilizing a piezoelectric actuator, Cryo-Walking effectively "walks" objects along a surface, employing opposing forces to securely hold the object in place. This innovative approach results in a highly stable nanopositioning system, even when operating at extremely low temperatures.

Introducing arQtika from Onnes Technologies

Introducing arQtika, a groundbreaking class of nanopositioners developed by Onnes Technologies, utilizing the cutting-edge Cryo-Walking technology. These advanced nanopositioners are purpose-built for cryogenic environments and offer many advantages over traditional systems.

One of the key strengths of arQtika is its exceptional thermal and mechanical stability. By generating minimal heat and vibration, arQtika nanopositioners eliminate drift and instability issues commonly encountered in cryogenic settings. Whether operating in ultra low temperatures or high-temperature conditions, arQtika remains reliable and robust.

Beyond stability, arQtika nanopositioners excel in payload capabilities, enabling the precise movement and positioning of larger objects with enhanced accuracy. This expanded range of applications opens up new possibilities for scientific research and technological advancements.

Moreover, arQtika nanopositioners come equipped with an integrated position sensor enabling closed loop operation for better repeatability and high precision. arQtika has a wiring-agnostic design. This user-friendly feature facilitates seamless integration into existing systems and simplifies the overall usage experience.

In summary, arQtika nanopositioners from Onnes Technologies represent a significant leap forward in cryogenic nanopositioning technology. With their minimal heat generation, low vibration, superior payload capabilities, and user-friendly design, arQtika nanopositioners empower scientists and researchers to achieve unprecedented levels of precision and control in their experiments and applications.

The Benefits of arQtika

Distinguished as the sole nanopositioner utilizing this cutting-edge advancement, arQtika surpasses traditional systems by offering a multitude of exceptional benefits. Its key advantages include minimal heat dissipation, low vibration levels, and unmatched payload capabilities.

With a generous travel range of 13 millimeters and an astonishing sub-10 nanometer resolution, arQtika sets a new standard for precision and accuracy in the mapping, probing, and manipulation of quantum systems. This revolutionary cryogenic nanopositioner empowers researchers to achieve unparalleled control and manipulation of quantum phenomena.

Cryo-walking technology has sparked a revolution in cryogenic nanopositioning, presenting researchers with an unprecedented level of precision and accuracy. For those seeking a cryogenic nanopositioner that combines negligible heat dissipation, minimal vibrations, and exceptional payload capabilities, arQtika stands as the ultimate solution. Choose arQtika to unlock new frontiers in your cryogenic research and experimentation.