Ultimate Passive Vibration Isolation System for Cryostats in Science and Quantum Technologies.

Discover the power of cVIS, cryogenic Passive Vibration Isolation System providing unmatched vibration isolation performance.

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Experience the power of cVIS

Overcoming the Challenges of Vibration

At Onnes Technologies, we offer an easy-to-integrate platform that achieves remarkable displacement levels of 10 pm/√Hz while preserving half of the available cooling power. Our solution is fully non-magnetic, dissipates no heat, and features mechanically decoupled wiring, making it compatible with all cryostats.

Elevate your research with cVIS, the ultimate vibration reduction solution. Experience exceptional performance, precise control, and compatibility with any cryostat configuration. Upgrade to cVIS today and unlock the full potential of your cryogenic experiments.

Low vibration level platform

Onnes Technologies is proud to offer groundbreaking cryogenic Vibration Isolation System, cVIS. The cVIS is meticulously engineered to effectively attenuate vibrations, achieving 100 dB of attenuation above 100 Hz.

Groundbreaking results

cVIS effectively mitigates vibrations to the extent of the noise floor of the SQUID-based displacement sensor, enabling you to achieve exceptional results.

milli-Kelvin temperature thermalization

The different stages of the vibration isolation system are well thermalized with copper litze based heat links. As such cVIS can preserve ±50% of the available cooling power at the vibration isolated experimental plate.

Publication available at Rev.Sci.Inst.:

Custom and Complete solution for your research

Technical Specifications
Diameter; Height80 mm; 405 mm
Weight7800 grams
Displacement Noise10 pm/√Hz
Maximum Load1500 grams
Operating Temperature< 10 mK - 393 K

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