The Quantum Microscope

Onnes Technologies enables the application of quantum sensors for quantum metrology applications in low temperature and low vibration level environments. With our cryogenic Vibration Isolation System cVIS, vibrations generated by the pulse tube to cooldown, can be attenuated and isolated from the quantum sensor. And, with our arQtika cryogenic nanopositioning, based on cryo-walking technology, sensor and sample can be moved with respect to each other while preserving the low temperature and low vibration levels at all times.

arQtika LCW X1

Piezo-based cryogenic nanopositioner for low temperature environments

We offer a cryogenic nanopositioner that is extremely reliable and dissipates extraordinary little heat. Therefore arQtika enables thermal stability during long range, accurate positioning and as such eliminates the need for additional piezo scanner components.

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In-situ, passive, cryogenic Vibration Isolation System

cVIS is an in-situ solution for any closed-cycle dilution refrigerator to attenuate mechanical vibrations generated by the pulse tube. cVIS enables a low vibration level environment inside your cryostat.

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QM-as-a-service FIELD LAB

Testbed for proof-of-concept of sensing techniques and explorations for use cases.

Our field lab is aimed to help researchers obtain preliminary data for their funding applications, by making available a full experimental setup and do first proof-of-concepts together. With the expertise of the field lab, we invite businesses to explore the relevancy of Quantum Metrology for their products and services.

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Typical applications

What arQtika can do for you

Low Temperature Scanning Probe Microscope

The characterization of materials and devices at low temperatures is essential to understanding the fundamental physical concepts underlying their behavior. Cryo-walking technology offers a cryogenic nanopositioning technique that allows for sub-nm resolution positioning over millimeters of travel distance. At the same time, the ultra-low heat dissipation and stiff design enables cryogenic nanopositioning while preserving the low temperature and low vibration environment.

Quantum Optics

Probing with light in quantum emitter research for Quantum Communication developments requires accurate coupling of optical fibers and objectives in an environment cooled down to a few Kelvin. Our arQtika cryogenic nanopositioner offers positioning capabilities with high payload and drive force. arQtika can handle heavy cryogenic objectives, rigid coax cabling, or thick heat links without loosing performance. With our reliable and easy-to-integrate, capacitance-based position readout, it's always clear where you are positioned.

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