The next step in cryo-positioning

Nanopositioners for cryogenic research

arQtika, a new class of nanopositioner with high reliability and low heat dissipation

Onnes Technologies introduces arQtika, a new class of nanopositioner systems that is specifically tailored for the use in cryogenic environments. Due to the innovative  walking principle  of the piezo-drive, we offer a nanopositioner that is extremely reliable and dissipates extraordinarily little heat. Our unique drive technology has other advantages, such as high driving force, high stiffness and an integrated scanning function. Furthermore, arQtika can be connected by standard cryo-compatible wiring.

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  • High reliability at mK
  • Low heat dissipation
  • Integrated sub-nm scanning function
  • High holding and driving force
  • High stiffness
  • Standard cryo-compatible wiring

High reliability at mK

The arQtika nano-positioning system is tailored for the use in cryogenic conditions. Extensive endurance testing at 10 mK have demonstrated consistent reliability and performance. The system comprises of the arQtika LCW X1 linear cryo-walker, the Motion Controller MC X2 and easy to operate actuation and positioning PC-software.

arQtika LCW X1

Linear Cryo-Walker


Motion Controller

Control Software

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