A testbed for low temperature Scanning Probe Microscopy

The partners of Quantum Leiden invite you to explore new developments in low temperature Scanning Probe Microscopy and quantum metrology. The testbed offers the latest technology available from companies like Leiden Cryogenics and Onnes Technologies, and expertise from Leiden University, Leiden Probe Microscopy. A dedicated testbed to drive development for academics and industries.

What the testbed can do for you:

A next step in Quantum Sensing. Onnes Technologies announces soon QM-as-a-service. A collaboration with and from Quantum Delta NL, Quantum Leiden, Leiden Cryogenics, Leiden Spin Imaging and Onnes Technologies.

01 Academic collaborations

Are you a researcher working on novel Quantum Scanning Probe Microscopy Techniques? Onnes Technologies offers a publicly available cryogen-free dilution refrigerator including our unique in-situ vibration isolation and cryogenic nanopositioning technology. Within this testbed, we can help you do first demonstrations, try-outs, or collaborations aiming at proof-of-concept. We can help to get preliminary data for your grant applications. Activities are sponsored by Quantum Delta NL and Quantum Leiden.

02 Explore quantum metrology for industries

Onnes Technologies aims to bring the value of Quantum Metrology to industry. Is your business ready to explore how Quantum Microscopes can improve your R&D activities? This testbed is a centralized hub to share expertise on quantum sensing techniques and their use cases in the industries of Semiconductors, Quantum Computing, and Pharmaceutics. Reach out to discuss opportunities.

03 Cryogen-free dilution refrigerator - book a cooldown

Access to a milli-Kelvin environment can still be difficult to obtain unfortunately. If you have a need for cooling down to ultra-low temperatures, than reach out and book your cool down with us. The testbed aims to provide a quick-and-easy access to milli-Kelvin environments to support cryogenic developments. Reach out if you need to thermometer calibrations, thermalization characterizations, caloric measurements, or any other form of characterization at ultra-low temperatures.

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