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Cryogenic nanopositioner utilizing walking piezo technology for low temperature environments

Onnes Technologies is proud to offer cryogenic nanopositioner that is reliable, robust and dissipates extraordinary little heat.

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Cryo-walking technology

Game changer for cryogenic nanopositioning

Over a decade ago, the walking piezo actuator was introduced, primarily targeting the semiconductor industry, where reliability, long-term stability, and high position resolution are of utmost importance.

Onnes Technologies takes great pride in offering this revolutionary technology for cryogenic applications. With extensive improvements and successful implementation, we have adapted and refined the walking piezo technology specifically for nanopositioning in cryogenic environments even below 10 mK. In 2019, we named this remarkable technique as Cryo-Walking.

Distinguished as the sole supplier capable of implementing walking piezo technology for ultra-low temperatures, Onnes Technologies leads the way in cryogenic nanopositioning solutions. Experience the pinnacle of reliability, stability, and precision with Cryo-Walking for ultra-low temperature nanopositioning.

Experience Unmatched Precision

Onnes Technologies is proud to introduce revolutionary Cryo-Walking Technology, delivering the highest precision coupled with an extensive travel range. With our unique approach, you can achieve precision comparable to a standard piezo scanner while enjoying significantly longer travel distances.

Robust and Reliable Performance

Unlike conventional techniques, Cryo-Walking technology eliminates the reliance on static and dynamic friction differences, ensuring robust performance across the entire temperature range. You can seamlessly conduct experiments in high temperatures as well as ultra-low temperatures.

Unparalleled Low Heat Dissipation

With arQtika, we have meticulously optimized the hardware and operational configuration, including mechanical design and control signal. This careful optimization allows us to operate in the lowest loss factor regime of the piezo material, resulting in the lowest heat dissipation.

Unprecedented Precision and Extended Travel Ranges

With Cryo-Walking technology, arQtika cryogenic nanopositioners offer the remarkable ability to traverse long distances with unparalleled precision. The coupling of stage to piezoceramic actuators is not subject to sliding friction effects, the stage is positioned by physical clamping and lifting the actuators which leads to almost no degradation over time. Together with capacitive position sensing, arQtika can operate in closed-loop operation mode, ensuring the highest levels of precision throughout your applications.

Ensuring Stability

In arQtika, piezoceramic actuators consistently exert substantial force on the slider, creating a stiff and robust design. This constant force exertion provides a notable advantage by mitigating the influence of external vibrations originating from sources like other positioners (eliminating cross talk) or vibrations present in the noisy cryogenic environment. This critical feature enables minimizing drift effects and preventing cross-talk, guaranteeing exceptional stability throughout your operations.

Wiring Agnostic

arQtika is compatible with various types of wiring, including standard, RF, and superconductive. It does not have any specific requirements concerning resistivity or attenuation.

Technical Specifications

Dimensions32 mm x 32 mm x 34,1 mm
Weight110 grams
Travel range12 mm
Positioning TechnologyCryo-Walking
Positioning Resolution< 1 nm
Sensing TechnologyCapacitive
Sensing Resolution< 25 nm
Repeatability10 nm
Maximum Load4 kilograms
Operating Temperature< 10 mK - 393 K

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For further context and detailed descriptions, please refer to the glossary.

Capacitive Sensor Readout

With our state-of-the-art capacitance-based position sensor, Onnes Technologies offers absolute readout capabilities for closed-loop operation throughout the full travel range, even at milli-Kelvin temperatures.

Sensor Readout Box - SCX-1

With the state-of-the-art capacitance-based position sensor and sensor readout box, Onnes Technologies offers a complete system for absolute readout capabilities for closed-loop operation throughout the full travel range. Enabling the highest precision and accuracy even at milli-Kelvin temperatures.

Signal Breakout Box - SBB-6

This 19” rack compatible Signal Breakout Box ensures an easy way of connecting your electronics to the wiring of your cryostat. This box connects a 24-pin 105-series Fischer connector to 6x 4-pin LEMO connectors. By ensuring optimal filtering and minimizing crosstalk, the SBB preserves the quality of your measurement signals.

Heat Link

For quick thermalization, Onnes Technologies offers gold-plated copper braided heat link welded to standard or customized top and bottom plates for the best thermal coupling Due to the high payload capability, the positioners are not affected by including heat links.

z-axis mount

The rigid design and high holding force of arQtika enables using the same nanopositioner in horizontal as well as vertical axes. Gold-plated copper L-Bracket can be used for vertical mounting. In addition to that, the base plate can also be customized.

Complete Cabling Solution

We present an all-inclusive cabling solution for your setup, ensuring a seamless start to operation. This will simplify the integration of arQtika into your cryogenic environment, making it effortlessly straightforward. The modular design also facilitates easy testing of the nanopositioners in ambient conditions.

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      Typical applications

      What arQtika can do for you

      Low Temperature Scanning Probe Microscope

      The characterization of materials and devices at low temperatures is essential to understanding the fundamental physical concepts underlying their behavior. Onnes Technologies offers with arQtika a platform that works excellently in preserving the low temperature and low vibration environment while offering full flexibility in positioning - long travel ranges, nm accuracy and large payloads.

      Quantum Optics

      Probing with light in quantum emitter research for Quantum Communication developments benefits from reliable, steady positioning with excellent position readout on the nm level. Moreover, in case of scanning optical cavities the requirements related to travel range and stability are pushed even further. arQtika is a fully piezo-based solution that tackles these challenges with absolute reliable operation.

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