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Driving the frontiers of science

At Onnes Technologies, our goal is to improve the fundamental understanding of matter at atomic level by providing advanced nanopositioning systems specifically tailored to the use in cryogenic research. We empower cryogenic researchers with reliable, high performance and easy-to-use tools for the actuation and manipulation of probes and samples in a dilution cryostat.

Hans Brouwer Director

Hans Brouwer

Steven Tan CFO

Steven Tan

Dian van der Zalm Mechanical Engineer

Dian van der Zalm

Mechanical Engineer
Marc de Voogd System Engineer

Marc de Voogd

System Engineer
Max Kouwenhoven

Max Kouwenhoven

Business Developer
Prof. Tjerk Oosterkamp Advisor

Prof. Tjerk Oosterkamp

Gert-Jan Van Baarle Advisor

Gert-Jan Van Baarle



Onnes Technologies was founded in 2018 as a spin-off of the University of Leiden, the Netherlands. The knowhow and initial design concepts that formed the foundation of the unique drive technology of Onnes Technologies was developed by Tjerk Oosterkamp, Professor of experimental physics at the University of Leiden, and Leiden Spin Imaging B.V., a spin-off of Leiden University specialized in cryogenic engineering services. Onnes Technologies was established with the purpose to further develop the design concepts into actual products and to offer these products to the cryogenic research community on a commercial basis. Onnes Technologies collaborates with Leiden University (testing) and Leiden Spin Imaging (engineering). The company has received seed funding from a consortium of investors led by Nascent Ventures. The company is based in Leiden.

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