Mehmet Selman Tamer

Sales and Marketing Manager

As a multi-disciplinary and creative Scientist and Technical Sales Specialist, I have extensive experience in the Quantum Industry, micro/nano system Metrology for the Semiconductor Industry, and nanoscale surface science for the Life Sciences Industry. My objective as a Sales Manager is to establish strong relationships with customers and the sales team, and be their go-to person for problem-solving based on my research and sales expertise. I am adept at comprehending technical challenges and providing optimal solutions.

Onnes Technologies is leading the way in the development of cryogenic instruments, creating innovative products that contribute to single-spin resolution quantum microscopy. One such groundbreaking development is the cryogenic nanopositioner based on the CRYO-WALKING technology. This state-of-the-art nanopositioner offers exceptional thermal stability during long-range and accurate positioning, thanks to its exceptional reliability and low heat dissipation. With this technology, Onnes Technologies has eliminated the need for additional piezo scanner components, making it a key component for quantum sensing-based microscopes.