Max Kouwenhoven


Max Kouwenhoven has a background in Quantum Nanoscience and graduated at the Technical University of Delft on the topic of superconductivity in a planar 2DHG germanium platform. After graduation, he joined Nascent Ventures and obtained experience in business development and leading startups.

Max is the CEO of Onnes Technologies. And in his role, Max is responsible for directing the company toward our biggest goal: building Quantum Microscopes. Max is exploring and driving Onnes’ position in this emerging market in Quantum Sensing and decides what the company’s priorities are.

Max’s ambition is to drive the application of quantum-enhanced sensors and to kickstart a new paradigm in Surface Science tools that impacts the largest industries in the world, including the Semiconductor, Quantum computing, and pharmaceutics industries.
Besides working on Onnes, Max enjoys going hiking in Switzerland, sailing, or boxing at the gym.