Steven Tan

Non-executive director

Steven, an experienced professional, has a background in high-tech startups, technology commercialization, and equity management. He has worked with various companies since receiving his MSc. from Delft University in 1989. He co-founded QMaster in 1992 and later became an executive partner at Holland Venture III BV. In 2006, he joined the newly established Technology Transfer Office of Erasmus Medical Center, followed by the role of director at VU University Amsterdam’s TTO in 2010. Throughout his career, Steven played a leading role in establishing 16 successful startups and managed equity and licenses for numerous companies.

Additionally, Steven currently serves as a Non-executive director at Onnes Technologies. Onnes Technologies is a leading provider of advanced cryogenic nano-positioners and cryogenic vibration isolation systems. They specialize in developing innovative products for scientific research, including quantum computing, nanoelectronics, and materials science. With a focus on precision engineering and cutting-edge CRYO-WALKING technology, Onnes Technologies offers cryogenic nanopositioners, vibration isolation systems, and quantum scanning probe microscopy systems.