Hans Brouwer

Non-executive director

Hans, an experienced professional with an MSc degree in Applied Physics, has a strong background in high-tech companies. He began his career at Philips International and ASM Europe, later transitioning to European Silicon Structures (ES2) and a European startup (now part of Atmel US).

In 1992, Hans founded Riverside Investments with the goal of starting new companies. The first venture, CPS Europe, focused on electronics project development and merged with The Pijnenburg Group in 1996. In 2011, Hans initiated three more high-tech startups: Optics11, Omniradar, and Pepscope.

Additionally, Hans currently serves as a Non-executive director at Onnes Technologies. Onnes Technologies is a leading provider of advanced cryogenic nano-positioners and cryogenic vibration isolation systems. We are dedicated to developing innovative products that enable scientists and researchers to explore the frontiers of quantum computing, nanoelectronics, and materials science.

With a strong emphasis on precision engineering and our cutting-edge CRYO-WALKING technology, we offer cryogenic nanopositioners (arQtika), vibration isolation systems (cVIS), and Quantum Scanning Probe Microscopy systems (qSPM). Our products operate at ultra-low temperatures down to 10 mK, facilitating precise positioning while preserving milli-Kelvin temperatures and pm/√Hz vibration levels.

Our team possesses extensive expertise in cryogenic technology, nanopositioning, and scanning probe microscopy techniques. We prioritize delivering exceptional service and support to customers worldwide. Moreover, we collaborate with leading research institutions and universities to advance the field of cryogenic technology and its applications.

Onnes Technologies, founded in 2018, is headquartered in Leiden, the Netherlands, and serves customers globally. Our mission is to make a positive impact on the world through the development of advanced technology solutions that drive scientific discovery and innovation.