Arthur Sjardin

Instrumentation Engineer

As a senior research engineer, Arthur has extensive experience in the technical world. He has been active in this field since 2010 and has built valuable expertise. Even in his free time, he is always engaged in technical projects.

Throughout his career, he has specialized in fabricating and building cryogenic dilution refrigerators, cryogenic instruments, and designing and constructing scanning probe microscopes and applications for ultra-high vacuum environments.

Currently, his focus lies in designing new applications and solving challenging problems using 3D CAD programs and FEA analysis software. He also enjoys the natural balance between all this and hands-on work. He is passionate about finding innovative solutions and maximizing the performance of technical systems.

Arthur is always driven by curiosity and enthusiasm to learn new things. The constant advancements in these technologies inspire him to stay up to date with the latest developments and possibilities.

He looks forward to applying his expertise and experience to tackle technical challenges and achieve ground-breaking solutions.