arQtika LCW X1

Piezo-based cryogenic nanopositioner for low temperature environments

Onnes Technologies offers a cryogenic nanopositioner that is extremely reliable and dissipates extraordinary little heat.

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    Motion Controller
    Control your positioning in open loop, closed loop or via triggering hardware such as Nanonis. Either way, positioning tasks are executed in a well-controlled way with full flexibility. One Motion Controller can take care of all positioning in your experiment.
    Position Sensor
    A capacitance-based position sensor over the full travel range allows for absolute readout for closed loop operation at milli-Kelvin temperatures continuously.
    Heat links
    For quick thermalization heat links can be included in the positioning setup at milli-Kelvin temperatures. We offer gold-plated copper litze that easily integrate with our positioners. Due to the high payload capability, the positioners are not affected by including heat links.

    Typical applications

    What arQtika can do for you

    Low Temperature Scanning Probe Microscope

    The characterization of materials and devices at low temperatures is essential to understanding the fundamental physical concepts underlying their behavior. Onnes Technologies offers with arQtika a platform that works excellently in preserving the low temperature and low vibration environment while offering full flexibility in positioning - long travel ranges, nm accuracy and large payloads.

    Quantum Optics

    Probing with light in quantum emitter research for Quantum Communication developments benefits from reliable, steady positioning with excellent position readout on the nm level. Moreover, in case of scanning optical cavities the requirements related to travel range and stability are pushed even further. arQtika is a fully piezo-based solution that tackles these challenges with absolute reliable operation.

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